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Kutras Pond

Kutras Pond is where all the fun on the river for the Redding sea kayaker!


We start in Kutras Pond and most of the time head up towards the 44 bridge. We have one nice shelf to make it up before the bridge, which some people have to portage, until they get the hang of zigzaging a long sea kayak up the rocky shelf. Once we get up to the 44 bridge we have a nice green wave that starts to form when the flows get to 7,400 CFS. Once we are done here we will either go up the left side through Turtle Bay, which is a wonderful way to learn boat control through ever changing water, or we go up the right side around the big bend. Past the big bend we have a wonderful play spot at all different types of flows. This is where we really test our wave playing skills. After that area we have the escalator, if you maneuver just right it will take you up the river toward the Sundial Bridge. The chute is just beyond the escalator and is the top portion of the Turtle Bay section of the river. The chute typically has a nice area to learn how to ferry across water and work with eddylines. But above all, this is where the famous chute is to try to get up at multiple flows. Only a few local paddlers have been able to do it at all flows. If you think you are up to the challenge and have river experience check out our calendar for dates when we are playing in Kutras Pond and come out and join us.



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